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B.E.S.T. Leadership Program

The B.E.S.T Leadership Program is a partnership between the Bastrop, Elgin and Smithville Chambers of Commerce. Founded in 2004 as a means to cultivate community and business leaders in Bastrop County,  the program identifies and encourages current and potential leaders by acquainting them with local needs and building an understanding of how individual talents can work together to build a more successful community.   Participants are given unique insights into city, county and state level organizations which allow them to build a more in-depth perspective of their own community's opportunities and challenges.  Participants also receive training in the art of leadership itself, strengthening their ability to make a positive impact at home, work, and in the public forum.   The eight-session course is led by Jackie Johnston, with TalentVantage, LLC.  Ms. Johnston's background in organizational effectiveness and leadership development coaching personifies a fresh approach to what is already an impactful program for Bastrop County.  Participation is limited, so don't delay, register today.


Established in 2004 through a collaboration between the Bastrop, Elgin, and Smithville Chambers of Commerce, the B.E.S.T Leadership Program serves as a cornerstone for cultivating community and business leaders in Bastrop County. By acquainting participants with local needs and fostering an understanding of the synergy among entities and individual talents, the program encourages current and future leaders to contribute to a thriving community. Participants gain a comprehensive perspective on their community's opportunities and challenges through unique insights into city, county, and state-level organizations. Additionally, they raise their awareness and receive leadership insights, enhancing their capacity to effect positive change at home, work, and public forums. This eight-session course, led by Jackie Johnston of TalentVantage, LLC, empowers leaders by cultivating dialogue for shared knowledge, collaboration, and growth, fostering resilient communities and thriving businesses. Ms. Johnston's organizational effectiveness and leadership development background personifies a fresh approach to what is already an impactful program for Bastrop County.  Participation is limited, so don't delay. Register today.


"A critical element within a thriving community is the engagement of top-quality leaders.  Local leadership development programs are instrumental in identifying leaders, exposing those leaders to the needs and opportunities in their community, and encouraging them to become actively engaged in local organizations striving to meet those needs."

Rick Rhodes, Former Director, Office of Rural Affairs - Texas Department of Agriculture

B.E.S.T. Class of 2024

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