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Non-Profit of the Year

The Non-Profit of the Year Award is given to an organization which has provided outstanding service to the Bastrop Community, demonstrated sound management practices and exceptional leadership.

The organization must have operated for at least three years and be a member in good standing of the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce.

Nominees must demonstrate excellence in one or more of the following:

  • Be an active 501(c) organization located and operating in the Bastrop area.
  • Has shown exemplary support to the Bastrop area through contributions and support of the community while adhering to the non-profit's mission statement.
  • Had a positive influence and impact for the citizens of the Bastrop community.
  • The mission/objective/goals of the organization reflect a community need.
  • The organization has a reputation for integrity in its dealings with clients, volunteers, staff or other individual/groups.
  • Maintained fiscal responsibility with quantitative results of initiative.


Nomination Instructions:

  1. Provide all information fully and completely. Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
  2. Please call the Chamber office at (512) 303-0558 to discover deadline for that years nominations. Nominations submitted after this time will be kept on file for future consideration.
  3. Nominations that are not chosen for the current year will be kept on file for consideration in following years.
  4. The Nomination Committee is made up of past Chairpersons of the Board and will meet to determine the award winners. Members of the Board of Directors and Nominations Committee are not eligible.
  5. Winners will be featured on the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce website for a full year following presentation.